Dinner Menu

On request we offer dinner specials for take-out where we offer any fish from the case cooked with two sides. Also, choose which marinade you want or just plain. Note: all items are subject to availability. The portion size is at least half a pound of fish. All fish is baked unless requested otherwise.

Step 1: Choose Fish
Step 2: Choose Marinade on Fish
Step 3: Choose Sides (2 Sides included in fish price)
Step 4: Call your order in and let us know when you can pick it up – 201-564-7939

    • Dinner Specials

    • Arctic Char

      Arctic Char

    • Cod Loin

      Cod Loin

    • Cod Cheeks

      Cod Cheeks

    • European Plaice

      European Plaice

    • Haddock


    • Halibut


    • Fish & Vegetable Medley

      Fish & Vegetable Medley


      Ask which Fish & Vegetable Medley is available today. Please also note that our medleys will come with one side of (potatoes or rice).

    • Salmon


    • Sides

    • Asparagus


      Oven Roasted Asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper.

    • Potatoes

      Roasted Potatoes with a choice of  Rosemary or Spicy Onion marinade.

    • Rice Pilaf

    • Broccoli

    • Marinades

    • Citrus Lemon

      A fruity spicy marinade, filled with Lemon and Citrus flavors and some coriander. An excellent marinade for Salmon,  Wolffish, Lemon sole and Halibut.

    • Thai Style

      The Royal kitchens of Siam was one of the places where that perfect balance between sweet, sour, spicy and exotic flavors was created.

    • Mediterranean Herbs & Spices

      A medley of Mediterranean herbs and spices, complimented by some onion and finely chopped bell peppers.

    • Mango Chili

      The sweetness of Mango is the first sensation your taste buds will experience. A few seconds later the Chili kicks in.

    • Wild Garlic

      Nothing like Wild Garlic when garlic is your favorite. Fine herbs, pepper and onion are added in to make this marinade unique in its class.

    • Special Marinades & Sauces

    • Tartar Sauce

    • Wasabi Mayo

    • Lemon Butter Pecan