Holiday Menu

All Orders must be placed by 4 pm Saturday December 18th.
All Orders need to be picked up by December 24th, between 10 am and 2 pm.
Menu items are subject to availability.

Ordering instructions

To order, call us at the store during opening hours, 201 564 7939. If you need to contact us outside of opening hours, please send us a text message with your name, @ (201 788 8094), and we will call you back as soon as we can from our home office.
Fish that we are ordering for the Holidays:
Salmon (Faroe Island), Arctic Char (Iceland), Steelhead (Trout, rainbow trout), (Iceland), Cod (Iceland), Cod Cheeks (Iceland), Haddock (Iceland), Redfish (Iceland), Ling (Iceland), Tusk (Iceland), Halibut (Iceland), Greenland Halibut, Turbot (Iceland)
Wolffish (Iceland), European Plaice (Iceland), Lemon Sole (Iceland)
Also available in a marinade of your choice.
Shellfish that we are ordering for the Holidays:
Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, Dry Scallops, Lobster tails, King Crab Legs, Mussels, Little Neck Clams, un-shucked, Oysters, un-shucked.
Please note: This list is in the order of most likely to be available to the least likely. You can put in your 2nd and 3rd choses if you please.
The Fish Dock Gift Certificates are also available in-store.
Happy Holidays.

219A Closter Dock Road