Come to our store and we will present you with our fresh seafood specially gathered for your enjoyment. It takes less than 48 hours from when the fish is caught in the pristine waters of Iceland to when its in our table in Closter, NJ. We strive to offer great fresh seafood from our native country, Iceland.

Example of our Icelandic fresh fish offering*:

Fish Nutritional Facts

We also carry Wild Icelandic Shrimp (Cleaned, Peeled & Cooked) as well as our delicious European Langoustine Scampi. Wild Gulf Shrimp (Jumbo), Dry Sea Scallops, Little Neck Clams and Mussels are all locally sourced.

Along with our plain fresh fish we also serve marinated fish with various high quality tasty marinades.

Examples of Marinades:

  • Sweet onion & mixed herbs
    • Splendid Mediterranean flavors that includes a delicate balance of garlic, onion, paprika, spices and herbs.
  • Bombay Sweet Curry
    • Indian flavor that incorporates a mix of curries, herbs and spices with chunks of tropical fruit.
  • Citrus & Lemon
    • A fruity marinade with lemon and citrus flavors and some coriander

Marinades US Product Information 2016 – We carry all the marinades that have a red check mark next to them.

All our marinades are Gluten Free and Non-GMO certified.

* We can never guarantee that we have everything in stock.

** The salmon can be sourced from Iceland, Norway, or the Faroe Islands