Lemon Sole

The lemon sole is a medium sized rather thickset flatfish, usually around 12 inches long, but the largest individual caught in Icelandic waters measured at 63 cm. It is found all around Iceland, but is much rarer in the colder waters north and east of the country. Mostly it occurs on rocky or sandy bottoms at depths between 165 to 1150 feet. It is found in European waters from Murmansk in the north to the Bay of Biscay in the south. Also around the Faroe Islands, in Greenlandic waters and from Labrador to Cape cod in North America.

Lemon sole feeds primarily on polychaetes, but also to a lesser extent on other groups such as sandeels. Its small mouth however restricts its feeding range. Spawning takes place along the south and southwest coasts, in March to June. Growth is rather slow, but females grow faster than males. Most of the males are sexually mature at 5, and females at 7. In Icelandic waters, the lemon sole can reach 14 years of age.